Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Data we have and data we want

Women in Logic 2020 is part of “Paris Nord Summer of LoVe 2020“, a joint event on LOgic and VErification at Université Paris 13, made of Petri Nets 2020, IJCAR 2020, FSCD 2020, and over 20 satellite events. Check the webpage in  https://sites.google.com/g.uporto.pt/wil2020/

This is of course great news! But the point of this post is to remind everyone that we have two spreadsheets that everyone should know about. The first spreadsheet started by Catarina Dutilh Novaes, is a compilation of women working with logic, available at this google doc

The second spreadsheet, carefully manually compiled by Brigitte Pientka and collaborators, show us the number and gender of Invited speakers in many of the main conferences that relate Logic to Computer Science. This impressive document, which needs to be better known and also needs to be completed is in this other google doc.

Now maybe we should try to count the number of female PC members over the years and the number of accepted papers who had female co-authors. I don't know if this will help improve matters, but more information is always good.

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